Legal Writing

Space Law for the year 3010. (Work in progress)

As an introduction I would like to state my objections to the new rumors surfacing that the future holds no hope for those endowed with such great technology.The “NOW is protected, the PAST is protected, but as opposed to the PAST, NOW the FUTURE is protected. The following will be referenced by every Earthly or otherwise occupied object throughout space’s governments, whatever structure those locations wish to execute their law by. Any document made before this aforementioned date is null. Amendments are made by presenting the bill to Regional Courts/Universe Kings and if approved must go through the Galactic Council and finally the bill would be seen by the High Court of Universal Law. Details about the Amendment process will be discussed further, later, and longer.


The laws pertaining to reproduction and care taking of offspring and spouses will be enforced by the agency, Universal Family Authority.  The agency has full jurisdiction to regulate a balanced family structure as they see fit. Those willfully breaking family law will be reprimanded through fines or disbandment of children and spouse.  In the event of an extreme violation, death will be determined by a council of appointed officials from each major universal sector. In minor offenses the family will be separated and individually sent to prison planets throughout their respective galaxy.  Children under the age of five will be sent to orphan planets and raised to enter three specific fields, space mining, frontiersman, and blacksmithing. Adults over the age of one hundred will be automatically exterminated, not matter how extreme the violation.

The Law for Reproduction

Because of the advancements assumed over a thousand years of research, the authors of this document calculate the median age of human life to be 150.  As a result, many families may have up to a median of 10-15 children.  To curb the destruction of the natural resources through out the universe humans are only allowed a maximum of five children and under no circumstances are humans to have sexual intercourse before the age of 100.  Repercussions for the violation of this law will result in the sterilization of the perpetrators sexual organs.

The law for reproduction in this article is directly related to humans.  Additional life forms throughout the Universe are to follow a simple formula that regulates the output of offspring in relation to available natural resources, the general population of the specified race, the median age, and the median family size.  (Family size will be discussed further, in regards to a traditional human family compared to a traditional alien family)

Natural resources available-(NRA) (measured by square feet, and within a one light year radius)-W

General population (GP)- X

Median age (MA)-Y

Median family size (MFS)-Z

(W/X)/(Y/Z)= Output of offspring.
Example:  Alien Race X lives to be apprx.900 years, their general population is roughly 12 billion, they have a median family size of 8 and the NRA is 465.8 trillion square feet of natural resources.

Their offspring output is-  35 children.

Family Dynamics

Human families at present consist of two parents, typically one male and one female, and one to four children. Depending on the region output may vary, as well as the structure of the family. For example, a segment of the human race known as Homosexuals is attracted to their same sex. Because this practice negates reproduction, some Homosexual couples have vied for adoption, or acquiring a human child through government sanctioned agencies. Although a portion of the world’s population resents this practice, it has grown in popularity. Alien races may practice a similar dichotomy, and it may not. A regional board of supervisors known as the Universal Family Authority (UFA) will regulate the typical structure of alien families. They will also regulate inter-species compatibility in regards to sexual reproduction. The UFA has complete jurisdiction to punish those defying the Family Dynamics laws as they see fit. Punishments vary in respects to the alien race. For example, a certain race may use the element Plutonium in order to achieve sexual climax. Mercury will replace Plutonium in the reproductive process if the specified alien breaks the law. (Mercury, of course, will react to glands accustomed to the Plutonium by creating small explosions, which will release radioactive pellets into the circulatory system).

Family size

In the event that an alien race and humans can successfully breed healthy offspring regulations as to size have to be implemented. For example if a Human and a Gorganon have a consensual relationship and plan to further their offspring output the median family size off both subjects will be calculated together.

Human: median family size- 12.5 (as earlier stated it is between 10 and 15)
Goganon: median family size- 40

(12.5+40) / 2 = 26.25 offspring allowed

With that said, the maximum offspring output of the couple must not exceed the respective planets maximum offspring output. However, visas are available for those of whom are granted asylum. These visas are overseen by the particular planets Council of Family Affairs. Violation of the “offspring output” law will result in extermination of all offspring.

Divorce/Custody Concerns

In the event that two opposing alien partners are wed and wished to separate, the couple will first file for divorce at a regional HCUL office. If the divorce is congenial between both parties the agreement of divorce is finalized. However, if a dispute has propagated the divorce, or is in anyway hindering the process both parties are secluded on “thinking planets” for one year. Here, each participant will work in the minefields while contemplating their current arrangement. If, at the end of that year both parties have decided to part separate ways under mutual agreement the process is finalized. However, if even one party has conflict, both are sent to the galactic army, or (GA).

The terms of custody are as follows. The authors of this document are assured that by the year of 3010, appropriate steps have been taken to perfect stem cell research. With that said, a custody dispute is a simple matter. If the Judge finds that one parent is unsuitable for child care he/she will be denied custody, However, if both parents are qualified for child rearing then the child will be sawed in half and stem cells will be applied to the open wound with large trowel.

All laws apply to the single parents, in terms of child output (which was mentioned in an earlier segment).

Appointing Officials

Universal Family Authority (UFA): Is a council of elected delegates from the recognized planets of the High Court of Universal Law (HCUL). As more planets are discovered fewer delegates are appointed to each planet. Once the delegation exceeds 10,000 members representatives will oversee planetary regions. For example, George Robinson (current delegate for planet Earth) of Orlando, Florida will supervise Earth and any other life form planet closest to Earth, within a respective 50 light years. The process to reach a regional delegate is decided by the  HCUL. A process known as “re-administration” will determine the appropriate delegate. To further explain, an analogy is posed;

If two earth squirrels are confronted by an alien predator (who has had clearance
to digest the squirrel by the Galactic Predatory Board, or GDP) and one squirrel is devoured by the predator, the other will be forced to either take action against the
assailant or flee to a safe zone, other wise known a neutral site or base. If the squirrel takes action and successfully defeats the predator, then his/her reign as squirrel king is solidified. However, if he/she chooses the neutral zone the predator has claimed reign.

Amendable item 1.1

Posed by UFA member David Feil

Original posited concern.

What happens if two amenably divorced aliens from separate marriages each have their family size quota filled by children from said marriages but then fall in love and want to get married? Their family size would be two times too big. I assume that the surplus children would be terminated, but the untenable consequence to me of such a law is that no alien race in the year 3010 would be able to empathize with Patrick Duffy’s character as featured in the show Step by Step, or (empathrickdufficize). In the event that no alien race could empathrickdufficize, the chances for peace in such a future are slim. Secondly, at what point is a fetus determined to be a ‘being’ in the year 2011. For instance, if a female or other child-bearing alien, were to miraculously become pregnant with a single litter larger than the allocated family size, would the surplus children be terminated in the womb or immediately upon birth? The real concern to me in this matter is trans-alien brood parasitism, or TABP, where another alien is able to implant their own children into the brood of another alien family, thus allowing themselves the ability to effectively increase their allocated quota of children outside of current future law. If in the case that the surplus of a litter was to be terminated in the womb, there is a great risk that the given alien might be terminating their own children and allowing the parasite aliens to be born in their place, whereupon they run the further risk of being eaten by the parasite immediately after birth due to the weakening effects of labor. A separate question of whether and how to best prepare midwives in mixed martial arts is pursuant to this issue.

What happens if two amenably divorced aliens from separate marriages each have their family size quota filled by children from said marriages but then fall in love and want to get married?

Multiple solutions are available to the supervisor of said region.  Depending on proximity to resources, or all options are required.

1.Through an aggressive wave of various Public Relation campaigns divorce will be among one of the major taboos         for any family. This way, wide spread discouragement of dissolving the original family set will make the option of         divorce less likely.

2. Placing over populated family on a (OCP) Over Capacity Planet. Visitation rights for those not in custody of                      offspring is strictly prohibited unless the Galactic Judges Table (GJT) over turns the decision. Only then is it                  acceptable for outside parental units to bring all necessary living material with them so as not to disrupt the natural      materialization cycle already in progress.

3. Sterilization of BOTH partners after the maximum offspring limit is reached.

4. Monitoring agency will track the well being of a new familial setting for one year.If satisfaction is not met by the            offspring the recently acquired spouse will be terminated.

5. Finally, because the survival ultimately depends on resources the splitting of two families to become one may not            pose a risk. This of course is conditional upon the resources available to that family. If this scenario were to occur        two spouses will take on more offspring while two spouses will be accountable for none. However, because two              families are merging a recalculation will occur. If the offspring limit is reached both spouses will be sterilized. If            their quota has not been met they are allowed to fill the remaining omission.

 What point is a fetus determined to be a ‘being’ in the year 2011?

1. In 2011 a fetus is defined by the growth potential of a thing inside a woman. But, this is a purely human issue.                Inter-species growth potential will be highly regulated for the safety of an increasing web of life in a universe with        limited resources.

2. As previously penned, a plan for mass campaigning due to the imminent demise of humanity will start in year                2500.  The information will be directed at encouraging humans to take measures that insure our survival as a                species.Humanity has a convoluted idea of God. This is the one entity that stops humans from taking steps in                assuring our survival. The concept of judgment is imposed on an omniscient being as though it was a ‘he’ or ‘she’.       The PR campaign will come in the form of a new religious movement bent to the sacrificial duties of a species on the     brink of extinction.

Termination- Will happen in the womb once the gestation process begins to become recognizable. The process will be through vaporization. The carbon particles created will be gathered and compressed with other such particles. Over time this will create a carbon rich planet known as ‘Jonestown’.

The real concern to me in this matter is trans-alien brood parasitism, or TABP, where another alien is able to implant their own children into the brood of another alien family, thus allowing themselves the ability to effectively increase their allocated quota of children outside of current future law. 

TAPD- A pheromone monitoring system will alert the UFA in times of any pregnancy. This way each offspring is accounted for. If one family wishes to place their children with another a recalculation for the receiving family will occur and the original parents will also be docked for their quota. This discourages ‘family mills’.